Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Sports

We are Summer Swimmers. Every morning (when in town) this summer all four kids woke up early and hit the pool. Many laps kept them all active and tan. Sheridan also played tennis this summer. She is great at it and plans to play in the fall. Dakota will join her high school swim team as well. (I can't believe she is going to high school!)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chaco Canyon visit - summer 08

Chaco Canyon visit - summer 08

We also went to Chaco Canyon this summer. (I forgot to include it in the summer 08 posting). It was so cool once we finally got there. Our GPS led us all around on small dirt roads for hours. We should have turned back, but it kept telling us we were only two miles away. Once there, we saw ruins about 1200 years old. The coolest walls you ever saw, called dry stack.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer of 2008

We have had a busy summer as usual. First we went to River Bend, Arizona. (Land and a Homestead my parents have been working on for the past ten or so years.) Colton stayed in Arizona with Grandma and Grandpa Mann while Dakota went to girls camp with Cousin Shaye West. We all then met back in Mesa, Arizona for the wedding of my sister Missie's daughter Bailey Koozer to Wills Jolley. (Wills is also my brother Charlie's brother-in-law.) Dakota then went to Provo for EFY. Dakota flew and got shuttles all by herself. I was more nervous than her. She had a blast. I squeezed in a trip to Mexico with some girl friends. For the Fourth of July the family camped at Mesa Verde National Monument, and saw fireworks in Cortez Colorado. In between trips the kids are on swim team, and Sheridan just started tennis lessons. We are now into the school shopping phase of summer along with the trips to the doctor and dentist. School starts August 12th here in New Mexico. I am sad to think of it. Here is Sheridan's Essay on the Mesa Verde trip:

Colorado Camp
This was a very fun trip. It took a while to pack and drive but when we got going it was an adventure. There were lots of animals, trees, and trailers. When I think of camping I think tents and coolers not beds, a fridge, and running water. Trailers ruin camping. We saw like four dears and lots of horses. The land scrapings beautiful even though there are dead trees.

My feet had to be washed three times a day. There were bathrooms down the road they were okay. The first day we set things up. Mom is very good at packing food we’re pretty awesome at eating it too. Mom, Dad, Dakota, and I went to look around there were good views. We went to a rangers night show it was good. We made smores. Mom slept cold that night. The next day we got tickets to a tour to soda canyon. We climbed latters, rocks, and stairs. We had fun there.
We went to many different views and learned a lot. We drove around there was a museum we stopped at it and walked in it smelled funny in that place. There were lots of cool things to look at though. There were tools and paintings. They were showing a movie in a room there we were going to see there were two empty benches I laid down on one of them. I fell asleep quickly. Colton said I snored how embarrassing.

We drove down to some place then raced up a hill. I wasn’t as tired as I was before. I was exited to see something new. I got there first ran inside and was sad to see it was the same smelly museum. Next we went to get a close look at some of the people’s old homes. There was a latter going down into the ground. Lots of people were in there. We had to wait. We went in it wasn’t that great.
That night we saw fire works. The next day before we left we went see dancers it was cool. We made up what the people in the back were singing here it is I LIKE CORN CREAMED POPED ON THE COB CORN!!! I liked this trip. We drove then went on a picnic. I love camping.

Getting Started

After viewing many friends' fabulous BLOGS, and after reading July's Ensign, I have decided to get started on my own. So, we are the Sheperd Family. David and I have been married for almost eighteen years and have been blessed with four beautiful children; Dakota 14, Colton 11, Sheridan 9, and Emerson 6.
This photo was taken at the Grand Canyon, where we spent Spring Break this year. We have been visiting National Parks over the past few years, which is fun for all, until Dad has the children write and essay on the visit. I think it is a wonderful idea, however, Colton swears he will never make his children write essays. (We will see.)